Extreme Stunts 2

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 Game Name Extreme Stunts 2
 Play URL http://gameseverytime.com/freegames/116/Extreme-Stunts-2.html
 Download  Zip File http://gameseverytime.com/freegames/games/extremestunts2.zip
 Dimensions 650 x 399

Extreme Stunts 2 Game. Show that you have great driving skills and power to do stunts. Perform extreme stunts to complete each level. Complete the task to unlock other stunts. Unlock new bike after every two levels. Each level is assigned with new targets. Start the game and show your skills. Have a great time!!

 Category Bike
 Icons :
 100 x 100 d
 160 x 120 d
 200 x 200 d
 300 x 300 d
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